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Peoria County Court Watching 

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Thank you for your interest in Court Watching with the Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice for the implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act in Peoria County. 

We are still welcoming more court watchers and need your help to ensure a just implementation. 

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How to Court Watch With Us


Change Peoria is here to help you make a difference in our community.

With our Court Watching program, you can be part of the change. Just watch our training video and complete the post-training session questionnaire to become an official watcher. Then, sign up for a day through our Bookings system and make a real impact. 

Come back here any time to access helpful materials, contact your team leads or learn more information.

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Team Leads


Your Peoria County Team Leads are:

David Mingus   – Change Peoria            - 808.382.8149

Sawyer Krause – Change Peoria         - 309.863.0746 

State Leads:

Jennifer, Austin & Ray   -    


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