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Change Peoria Logo Change in Red Over Peoria in Blue using American Captain font


Change Peoria is a grassroots political organization formed in 2016 in Peoria Illinois.

We build Worker Class power by:

  • Developing leaders in our community,

  • Shaping legislation for the city, county and state

  • Performing popular education

  • Building grassroots organizing.

Our work increased voter turnout, reduced pre-conviction jailing, created coalitions and elevated community voices.


  • Canvassed across the city to encourage participation in local elections

  • Held post-Charlottesville anti-violence rally and vigil for victims of violence by neo-Nazis

  • Held the first significant rally after the 2016 elections encouraging an environment for citizens to become civically engaged

  • Responded to and supported targeted transgender students at local school

  • Cooperated with Green Party to inform Peorians about universal healthcare and single-payer healthcare options

  • Supported and endorsed candidates in local races

  • Created and sustain a robust interactive internet presence for progressive activists

  • Ongoing lobbying of the city council, county board, and Congresspeople regarding legislation to strengthen Peoria’s oppressed and black communities

  • Continually promotes like-minded groups and organizations which care for people, planet, and progress

  • Provided speakers in support of Peoria teachers

  • Monthly issue discussions to broaden community education

  • Supported fundraiser for Water Protectors in North Dakota

  • Works on and advocates for local ordinances

  • Launched Black Justice Project

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Change Peoria Poster used in the NAACP ad book. It reads Change Peoria is building working class power by promoting social and economic justice in our community. We believe that everyone deserves dignity and to participate full in society.
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