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State Rep Jehan Gordon-Booth & Peoria Mayor Rita Ali Announce $2.5m Street Lighting Grant Funding

Your Streets Just Got a Lot Brighter with New Streetlights Illuminate and Protect.

PEORIA, Ill.- As part of efforts to modernize the local infrastructure and make our streets safer, State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, from Peoria, secured 2.5m in state grants for neighborhood street lighting upgrades. Peoria Mayor Rita Ali and local leaders will join Rep. Gordon-Booth on Monday to announce the grant funding she secured.

Profile photo of Rep Jehan Gordon-Booth in maroon outfit with arms folded in front
Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth Secures $2.5m For Peoria.

"Sadly, some of the light poles still in use today are literally crumbling," Gordon-Booth stated. "As we begin to replace them, we are increasing public safety because it allows the area's police presence to be more visible, makes residents more likely to spend time outside, shows that the leadership is committed to improvement and gives the neighborhood a greater sense of pride in their community."

A total of $3.39 million is the estimate for the project, including $2.5 million provided through the state grant. The project will use Federal and local money to fund the remainder of the cost.

"This significant investment in brighter and more efficient street lighting is beneficial to the well-being of our community while making our streets safer for everyone that uses them," Ali stated.

The press conference will take place on November 2 at 11 am in the 500 block of W. Main St. in Peoria, one area in line for illumination upgrades.

The scope of the project is the following:

  • The SW Adams Street. Concrete poles

  • MacArthur pedestrian lighting close to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park;

  • Orchard District, including Flora, Ellis, and Elizabeth Streets;

  • Glen Ave. from Sheridan to Knoxville;

  • Prospect Ave. from London to Forrest Hill;

  • Frostwood close to Mark Bills Middle School from Andover to Creighton Terrace

  • Willow Knolls from University to Allen.

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