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Peoria Neighborhood Traffic Calming: Empowering Residents for Safer Streets

Transforming Neighborhoods: How You Can Take Back Your Streets

Traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, medians, and roundabouts aim to improve neighborhood safety by reducing speeding and cutting through traffic. The City of Peoria's new Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy gives you a say in slowing vehicles and making your streets safer.

Unlike many cities, Peoria's data-driven policy tailors traffic calming solutions to match each neighborhood's needs. By collecting speed and volume data, the impact of measures put in place will be maximized at each location. The multi-step application process ensures all voices get heard before changes are made. Peoria's innovative model provides a blueprint for communities eager to reclaim residential roads. You have the power to start a calming conversation in your neighborhood. Submitting a request for measures like speed bumps, medians or rounded is the first step. With majority resident support, the city analyzes conditions on your street to determine effective solutions. A customized plan addressing your concerns then takes shape.

To learn more and apply, visit The application requires signatures from neighbors indicating support. Be prepared to provide details about issues on your street and potential solutions.

Implementing policy improvements often challenges cities, but community involvement drives Peoria's program forward. Strong participation from citizens introducing measures, providing feedback, and lobbying officials helps build partnerships to sustain progress.

While seeing policy in action will spur more requests, funding and approvals take time. Look for early successes as motivation. Continue advocating with Public Works and the City Council for fair, data-driven evaluation of all requests. Traffic calming provides shared benefits -it takes shared voices to achieve.

Policy is only policy until put into practice. Traffic calming may require patience, but the result is reclaiming your streets one slow step at a time. Safer streets-built neighborhood by neighborhood, through partnership between government and citizens. Speak up and take your streets back. The future of your neighborhood rides on it.

It's time to change Peoria and that starts with you. Visit today and use your voice to make a difference. Transforming neighborhoods into safer, more livable communities is possible when residents lead the charge. How will you advocate for positive change in your neighborhood?

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