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Peoria Area Pretrial Justice
Community Outreach Coordinator

Community Outreach Coordinator

Independent Contractor 

20 hours a week

$18 - $20 per hour

Open until filled

Work From Home


We are looking for a dynamic and effective Community Outreach Coordinator with a deep commitment to social justice organizing and experience with anti-racist, grassroots advocacy work. The ideal candidate has achieved success in grassroots membership-based organizing or community organizing.


This position is about building teams and developing leaders, including among people directly affected by or working within the pretrial justice system. You will teach them how to advocate for pretrial justice reform, engage them in legislative and political work, and guide them to lead their communities to participate.


The Peoria Area Pretrial Justice Organizer will develop a base of people that support pretrial justice reform in the Peoria area. The Pretrial Justice Organizer will connect local organizing to support the statewide organizing efforts of the Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice.

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